• 6 Tips to Overcome Mental Blocks
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    6 Tips to Overcome Mental Blocks

    Dr. Eva Benmeleh, Clinical Psychologist | Dr. Eva Therapy This COVID lifestyle has brought up many challenges, including circumnavigating mental blocks that stop creating content. At the beginning of this –  many of us were inspired to give the best to help others deal with crippling future tripping. Many of us working moms are also raising our children around the clock while they adjusted to online school and no social life. The mundane has taken more space in our minds…

  • Self CPR During Covid-19
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    These times are a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute is agonizing anxiety and the next minute, you’re laughing at TikTok videos of dogs. Stress levels are quite high as we figure out how to live in this new normal. This is why today we are discussing how to Self CPR during Covd-19. The level of sadness and anxiety is palpable. This is a collective and pervasive issue in our society. The problems we had before quarantine are magnified now. If…

  • 5 ways to deal with perfectionism
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    5 Ways to Deal with Perfectionism

    Perfection. As entrepreneurial moms living in Miami, we know all about that right? We live in a city that exudes beauty and high standards of service and care. We know that the competition is deep and sharp. We juggle home life, business life, social life, and self-care every single day, and usually with a smile on our faces. Well today we will discuss 5 Ways to Deal with Perfectionism. But first, how many times (a day) do we feel the…