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My hubby and the twins 2019

Hi, Thanks for stopping by Miami Mompreneur website!

I’m Michelle M. Pacheco-Gallo, a twin Mom-preneur living in Miami Florida.

I have always experiece entrepreneurship all my life. My first venture was at 14 selling stationary in High School. After that, while getting my Science degree, I use to create custom art for clients. I move to Miami in 1999 and worked in Film/TV Production, which honestly was the only non-entrepreneurial job, but a very creative venture since I use to write scripts, produce and edit. Before having my twins in 2010, I was a Top Producing Commercial and Residential Real Estate agent. Real Estate helped me learn many organizational, marketing and negotiating skills that I was able to use when my husband and our partner decided to open our restaurant Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante in Miami Beach back in 2005, for which I was able to find and negotiate the location.

After not being able to conceive (tried for one year) we decided to try IVF in 2009, a roller-coaster emotional ride that included lots of time in the hospital, complete bedrest, the lost of the triplet and almost not making it. Inspite of it all, IVF gave me the gift of my daughters and for that, I will eternally be grateful to God.

2010 with the girls

After this traumatic experience I decided to become a stay at home mom. It was a choice of love and commitment to my two blessings! But, after a couple of years, I realized that I missed being out there negotiating, working and feeling productive.

I went back to Real Estate Development Sales and immediately realized it was time to slow down and leave the hustling world of Real Estate aside (I only practice it now for family, friends and of course our Hospitality group) and focus 100% in our businesses. We have several Sardinia outpost and one pizzeria opening soon. In Sardinia I currently do all the media-marketing relations, event coordination and oversee operations during the day. It’s a beautiful organized chaos that I have learn to manage even when being completely involved in the twins life: dropping off, picking up, PTO member, volunteering, after school activities, homework etc…you know how it goes!! 😉

I started the Miami Mompreneur community for several reasons: the main one, because I saw the need to support Mom-owned businesses. I thought: why should I buy or support X or Y business when I can support Mom owned? The second one: I am the only MOM in my circle of friends (yes you are reading right) and I realized that I wanted to meet other Mom-preneurs that can relate to what I go through in my daily life, to whom I can talk to and feel they get me and I get them.

My mission with this community is to empower Mompreneurs to thrive in their business through resources, education and network while helping them find harmony in family life.

A little about me:

Mornings:  warm water with lemon, my super elixir berry smoothie with collagen, affirmations, drop off, meditation, gym, coffee & simple breakfast!

Bliss: Sundays, champagne, jazz, family activities, fun with my daughters, date night, travel

Guilty Pleasures: Any time-frame alone that I don’t fall asleep because of exhaustion and can read a good book, watch a movie or the next best Netflix series (that’s luxury my friend and you know it!)

Wellness: meditation, morning pages, yoga, journaling and silence are a must!

Phew! Enough about me. What about you?

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And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it!

Michelle @MiamiMompreneur

*se habla español e si parla italiano #lifein3languages