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Up Level Your Social Media

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A crucial part of our business marketing strategy nowadays is Social Media. We all need help when it comes to this giant and here are some actionable tips that when you put them to practice, will up level your social media marketing!

AUDIT YOUR LAST 10 INSTAGRAM POSTS Do they align with your strategy? Do they bring you closer to your long-term goals? How are they working towards getting your audience to know, love and trust you? Now, plan out your next 10 posts in line with your strategy.

START TELLING A STORY USING YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED Share your brand story, your values and bit about the people who make your business great – whether it’s you, your customers or your team.

PICK A COLOUR PALETTE AND STICK TO IT Your Instagram feed will look infinitely better with a consistent color scheme or theme and your audience will know what to expect from you.

SELECT YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED Be ruthless. If it doesn’t fit your theme, it goes.

GET BRANDED TEMPLATES PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED This is all about putting your best foot forward. You can use apps like CANVA to create amazing templates. If you can make sure your best foot is consistent across all platforms, you’re doing well.

START A FACEBOOK GROUP But, only do this if you can be present for your group. There’s no point in running a group full of crickets.

SPEND HALF AN HOUR ON INSTAGRAM Instead of mindlessly scrolling, spend this time genuinely interacting / connecting with people in your niche. Start building your online tribe.

ORGANIZE AN INSTAGRAM STORIES TAKEOVER Ask someone in your industry to take over your Instagram stories for the day. Your audience will love the fresh perspective and you might even pick up a few new followers.

SIGN UP FOR A SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING APP This is key to making sure you don’t miss brand mentions – like when a customer shares a product post and forgets to tag you in it. Helpful Apps: Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, SproutSocial etc.

RUN A GIVEAWAY Origami Globe have great blog posts about running giveaways. Read and save yourself a lot of heartache.

DO SOME HASHTAG RESEARCH Set aside an hour to build hashtag sets you can use for different posts. What is trending in your niche? What online tribes or communities can you become part of?

REACH OUT TO 5 CAREFULLY SELECTED INFLUENCERS Pick influencers whose audience is similar to your ideal customer and arrange a collaboration.

If you want other tips on how to Up Level your business make sure to download my  Ways to Up-level Your Digital & Email Marketing

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