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5 Copywriting Tips to Create Powerful Instagram Captions

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Are you working tirelessly to create new social media content and pump out the perfect captions? Content creation can be exhausting, especially when you don’t see results. You’re not alone mama. Many small business owners and mompreneurs struggle when it comes to crafting powerful Instagram captions that resonate with their audiences. Today we will explore 5 Copywriting Tips to Create Powerful Instagram Captions:

1. Save the best for first.

You know the expression, “save the best for last” – don’t! As attention spans continue to shrink and our social media feeds grow more clogged daily, you don’t have the luxury of saving your hook for the end. With Instagram especially, you only have the combination of your graphic and the first two lines of your caption to grab your audience’s attention before they continue catching up on their feed. Those first two lines should pack a strong punch and entice them to click “…more.”

2. Include numbers or scroll-stopping data.

Numbers stand out visually and are a great way to grab attention. They will not only differentiate your content while scrolling, but they also alert potential readers to the fact that your content will be easily digestible (AND incredibly helpful).

3. Speak directly to your audience and connect with their pain points.

Please skip the formalities when it comes to writing engaging Instagram captions. Speak to your audience directly using “we” or “you” to make your content resonate. Everything you include in your caption should be purposeful. It’s easy to get carried away, but the more “fluff” you have, the more likely it is for your audience to move on to the next post awaiting them on their feed. Do you know what problems or pain points your audience is experiencing? If not, spend some time doing market research to find out. You’ll want to always connect your captions back to your audience’s pain points. This will ensure they are both relatable AND relevant. Show them how your brand can help provide relief or actionable solutions to the exact issues they’re experiencing. 

4. Be clear about what you want your audience to do (call to action).

Think about your goals. Your Instagram and social media strategy should be viewed as just one part of your overall business strategy. The goals for your brand should correlate to the type of content and captions you are generating for your social media channels. Be intentional. Align your captions with your goals through a clear, simple call to action. Though you won’t want every post to be a hard sell, you also want to ensure your Instagram serves a purpose for your business and for those that follow it. 

5. Convey a sense of urgency. 

It’s not enough to just share a great caption and expect readers to take immediate action. Inspire them to make it happen now by creating a sense of urgency. This could mean sharing a tip that will start making a difference in your followers’ lives right away, or perhaps it is an irresistible offer that will only be available for a limited time. Either way, ensure your audience is well aware that acting now will benefit them much more than waiting until later.

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Meet Haley Dagan, founder of The Written World.

As a digital marketing professional with 8+ years of both agency and leading in-house brand experience, Haley knows what it takes to create purposeful, engaging content across many mediums. She founded The Written World to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle to put their passions into words. She focuses on tactics that connect and convert so business owners can focus on what they do best – growing their businesses.