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Here’s a Quick Way to Create Engaging Content

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by Michelle Pacheco | Business & Social Media Mentor | Founder of Miami Mompreneur

Want to create Engaging Content that connects with your audience and helps you make sales? Before reading this post, make sure you know your ICA (ideal client avatar). If not, you will not be able to create the content needed for your business success.

Refer to the following links if you need help on Niching down and finding your ideal client:

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What is Niching Down and How it Helps Your Business

Now that you know what is to Niche Down, and who your ideal client is, let’s have them engage and stay with us by creating content that gets their attention .

When creating content, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Is what I’m posting relevant to my audience?
  2. Is this going to help better their lives or solve their problems?
  3. How can I show up to provide value to my audience
  4. If my ideal client came online would it be clear why my content is valuable and how I help?

A quick an easy way to create content is by finding the core desire and challenges your audience has.

For example: Let’s say you are in the BEAUTY niche and your ideal client is young women that are recent college grads who have their first corporate job

When we are looking for the core desire of any niche, we need to dig the emotional aspect of it. Beauty is not about looks, or make up or hair. The core desire of the beauty niche is to feel confident, powerful.

3 challenges your ideal client may have are:

  1. Not having enough time to know what make up to choose.
  2. Not having enough money. (she just graduated college and just started working)
  3. Not having enough skills.

The 3 challenges will become the content pillars. With these content pillars you can then create content for your entire month. For example:

  1. Not having enough time to know what make up to choose:  a great content will be tutorial and reviews.
  2. Not having enough money: educate them on which products get the most use for their price.
  3. Not having enough skills: tutorials about how to apply make up or how to do different styles of  make up will be greater.

The main thing we have to remember with content is that it should be relevant to your audience and it solves their problem and improves their life. Content should not be about us, instead we need to add value to our audience lives.

When we add value, we create trust and like-ability which is key in business sustainability. When in doubt, refer to the general 80/20 rule:

80% of the time we are adding value to our ideal client lives and 20% of the time we are selling.

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