How to Create Your Best Instagram Bio
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5 Tips to Create Your Best Instagram Bio

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by Michelle M. Pacheco | Social Media + Branding Coach | Founder of Miami Mompreneur

Why do you want to create your best Instagram bio? This is something that many business owners forget. And although it may seem insignificant, it actually has a great impact on your growth.

Imagine that your Instagram is your business (a store) and your bio, the highlights or highlights and the first 9 publications are your window showcase. You only have 3 seconds to make a good impression, so if you have a bio that doesn’t send a clear message or isn’t welcoming, you probably won’t have the expected growth or interaction compared to an optimized bio where you can boost and convert more.

The perfect bio is strategically created by speaking to your ideal client, communicating your authority and redirecting that ideal client to your post or external link.

So if you haven’t thought about this, don’t worry, below are important elements of a bio and how these, when optimized, can help you create Your Best Instagram Bio.

The strategic structure of a bio is composed of several elements:

  • Avatar
  • Headline
  • Description
  • CTA (call for action)
  • Link


If you are a small business make sure the logo is clear and legible and it’s high resolution. If you are a personal brand, make sure you have a photo where your face can be clearly seen. Have a profile photo that is aligned with your brand and that shows your personality. Dark or unclear photos do not convert well. Want to know how to create a profile picture without having to spend lots of money? CLICK HERE for a simple way to create a new picture from another.


This is the thick line at the top of the bio and it is MAGIC. Why? These 30 characters help you to boost your positioning because it is the only line in the entire biography that is searchable. And why is it important? Because if you add keywords that your ideal client is looking for, you can come out in the results. (Something like google). So be sure to use keywords that describe what you do.

BE CLEAR, for example Vegan Personal Chef, Social Media Tips, Italian Restaurant, Mom Blogger, Entrepreneurship Coach etc. These are words that your ideal customer is looking for on Instagram. Using them in your headline gives you the opportunity to appear in the results, leading them to your content, potentially to your inbox and converting them into sales.

If you are not a super famous personal brand, using your name is not the way to enhance this part.


This is the part of your bio where you have to be clear describing what you do, your business and account and why those who visit you should follow you. This is the opportunity to write your “I HELP STATEMENT” of Elevator Pitch to let people know what the mission of your business is.

An easy way to do it is like this: I help (Audience) to achieve (goal that you help them achieve) so that they can (solve the problem they have).

For example, Miami Mompreneur’s mission reads like this: I help Mompreneurs to optimize their brand and social media presence to create more traffic and sales.

Under this description you can add points where you mention written books, certifications you have, accolades or greater achievements in your niche. There should be no questions or uncertainties after someone reads this part of your bio.


This brings us to the CTA or Call to Action: This is 100% non-negotiable. You have to have this in your bio. Instagram allows 150 characters in the bio and you will probably have to make adjustments to accommodate it, but having a call to action will have an impact on how many clicks you will have on the link to your website or where you want to be redirecting your traffic. So the call to action must be clear and aligned with the link you have in your bio and tempt the user to click on it.

Sometimes I see: Buy (Shop) or Sign up now (Sign up now) but these are not quality action calls. Instead you should have something like: “Click to read 3 XYZ Tips” or “Click to save 10% on your first order”.


Remember to change the CALL TO ACTION LINK depending on what you are promoting. If you use a landing page with a link like FlowPage or Linktree, then make sure that this is the main link of the page.

Also when you write “Register in the link in bio” in your captions make sure to add @YOURUSERNAME

This brings us to the last part of our bio which is the link: instead of redirecting traffic to a basic link like your website, send it to a specific place.

For example: your most recent article, the catalog of your products, a free registration or if you want to capture more emails, to a landing page with a free downloadable. By doing so, the person is more likely to consume the content they wanted or take the action you want. For example if you want them to sign up for your email list, but send them to your home page, hoping that they will find their way to the right place, you are increasing the chance of losing that potential customer.

These tips to optimize your bio will help you create more traffic, get more followers and higher engagement.

Now, let’s talk now about things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Don’t add hashtags: unless it’s a unique hashtag for your brand or business, hashtags redirect traffic to other pages. Which means you are losing your audience. So unless is YOUR BRANDED hashtag, do not use any.
  2. Don’t add anything irrelevant: Your political views, religion or the name of your boyfriend or husband are not recommended, unless they are linked to your business strategy or the focus of your account.
  3. Do not put a link in the description. First, it will not be clickable and second, there is a place for the link.
  4. Don’t use multiple fonts in your bio. This can make it difficult to read. If you use different fonts, keep it up to two and make sure it’s a legible font.
  5. Do not write a paragraph: separate your bio into lines and use an emojis or bullets at the beginning of each line. This gives it structure and organization.

These are all the tips related to how to optimize your Instagram Bio. I have prepared a FREE Instagram Bio Workbook to help you craft your best Instagram Bio.

Remember that if you are struggling to create a scalable presence on social media, you can follow me on social media through @Miamimompreneur and on the website where you will find all the resources needed to scale your Social Media presence.