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13 Budget Friendly Marketing Tactics

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Effective marketing does not have to cost a fortune. Use these budget friendly marketing tactics to help boost your business and get your name out there:

Attend events and professional conferences to network. Plan to meet at least three new people.

Keep in contact with your sphere of influence and make sure to remind them about your business, product or service and do not be afraid to ask for referrals.

Prepare your business or service media kit and submit it when you need a more formal presentation of your product.

Agree to be interviewed on a podcast. Make sure to share  with your customers.

Create an email list and use tags to describe everyone. The list should include everyone you meet daily. The tags will be use to prepared segmented email newsletters when necessary. Read more about building email lists on: How to Build and Email List from Scratch.

Offer to be a speaker or to host an event with an organization that resonates with what you do and who you are.  Feel free to contact Miami Mompreneur if you want to do this.

Compile a list of success stories or testimonials of past customers. Use them on your media kit, website or email

budget friendly marketing
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Everytime you meet a potential customer follow up with an email. If you sell products online, make sure to add them to your database.

Send a card or prepare posts for atypical holidays like St. Patricks Day or Independence Day.

Tie a customer message to a holiday, for example, “We’re Thankful to have you as a customer” (Thanksgiving Day)

Depending on your business you can: prepare packages for your most repeated clients, send birthday cards, send thank you cards.

Use Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facebook Live, You Tube Live, Instagram Stories or IGTV to create and deliver how to videos, introduce your latest product or service, behind the scenes footage etc! 

Everyone loves a freebie. There are many ways to produce freebies at next to nothing that will produce results. For example: a free eBook on a topic of your expertise, small samples of your product, or discount coupons people can obtain in exchange for their email address are all low-cost ways to capture leads for your business.

Just because marketing is so crucial, this does not mean it is a capital-intensive venture. Try these budget friendly marketing ideas and see how they can grow both your business and your overall marketing strategy. You’ll be surprised how quickly marketing your business, product or service becomes second nature.

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