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by Michelle Pacheco-Gallo | Business & Social Media Strategist |Founder Miami Mompreneur

“You accepted less because you thought a little was better than nothing. Know Your Worth”

The last Quarter of the year is upon us. Are you ready to close this year with a bang?  or Are you giving up and listening to the limiting beliefs that creep up into your peaceful mind? Yes, those beliefs that bring self doubt, lower your confidence and make you ask yourself: Am I worth it?

Becoming a woman who values herself requires shifting YOUR energy and removing the blocks that keep you in the same place. And what better time than FALL to let go and jump into High Vibes and own our Self Worth?

To help you get into this mindset, ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I holding back in my life? What do I have to let go? (even when it hurts)
What boundaries do I need to set?
What new standards do I need to set? (financial, health, relationships)
Who drains me? Who energizes me?
Who helps me move forward?

Hope this help you getting into a Mindset that helps you close 2020 with success.

Together in business,

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