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5 Tips for an Outstanding 4th Quarter

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by Michelle M. Pacheco | Business Mentor & Founder of Miami Mompreneur

The 4th Quarter of 2020 starts in a few days and we need to tackle the best time of the year for sales! It is time to prepare your small business for success, and for the year ahead. As the holidays gets closer, businesses like yours and mine will have fewer days to reach revenue goals.

Here are 5 Tips for an Outstanding 4th Quarter:

Make a list of everything you have achieved: as a Mompreneur, you are always busy with the “next thing to do” and tend to overlook what you have achieved through the year. This can be inspiring and motivate you to keep moving forward and get ideas on what can be achieved on this last quarter.

Know Your Actual Number of Working Days: In the US, we have Thanksgiving – with many schools having the whole week off! And with guests, and cooking, etc. it can be a drain on your business hours. Black Friday is a huge shopping day, so many like to create online offers. Then Christmas and winter break come into play.  

Decide on Projects: Choose projects that will get you to your goals – whether it’s earning the most money or getting more subscribers. Focus on that goal and plan your projects to reach that goal.  

Make a Schedule: Break down the project into smaller components and plot it on your calendar. 

Anticipate your clients’ needs going into the New Year: What might your clients need from you during the holidays and in the New Year? Do you have creative ideas or special services and offers for them?

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