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5 Things to Know When Changing Careers

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by Naz Rose, Life & Purpose Coach | Believe It Life Coaching

“What if after all that time and effort I realize that I don’t love what I do anymore?”

That was the theme of one of my client sessions last month. I knew exactly how my client felt because I had been in her shoes.

After nearly twenty years of putting my all into a career in marketing, I suddenly found that everything I had built for myself I no longer loved the way I did once. It was an extremely scary feeling and I didn’t even know it was bubbling inside of me.

For weeks, I just knew I didn’t feel my best and it was reflected in how short I was being with my children. Then one night while I was meditating, tears just started rolling from my face. I’m talking stage 5 sobbing! I realized right there that I was mourning.

At that point I already knew I was going to throw myself into an unknown career as a life coach and that before doing so I would have to mourn the career I had created and which had served me for so many years. A part of me felt like a quitter and as an overachiever that pulled so hard at my heart.

It can be debilitating to think to yourself that you no longer love what you are doing, but this is a huge theme in the current landscape of our world.

Here are 5 things you should know when changing careers:

  1. It’s OK to let go and it’s also necessary to take the time to mourn. If you have worked really hard toward something, letting it go can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself.

Bypassing the mourning process in this situation is detrimental to the things you’re going to create for yourself. Give yourself the time to thank your career for where it got you so far.

Acknowledge that you can’t continue with it as you have and let it rest. Know that there is someone out there who really wants to do what you no longer love doing and recognize that you are opening the space for them when you let go. In turn, someone else out there is opening the space for you!

2. Know that you didn’t waste your time. All you did isn’t lost. At all times, we are being prepared for the next thing. We are in a constant state of learning and evolving. There is a long list of things you learned where you were that will allow you to shine where you’re going.

3)  Take the approach that feels more peaceful to you. Unlike what many coaches and successful people will tell you to do, you don’t need to abandon ship asap. There is no one-size-fits-all for navigating from one career to another.

For some people, it’s easier to slowly transition to the next thing they want to do. For others, it’s about immediately cutting ties and jumping full-throttle into their next project. Guess what? Neither is right or wrong! Do what feels right in your heart and for your family.

4)  Be mindful of the language you use as you go through this phase. I know that as a Mom I felt so greedy and selfish leaving the stability of my 9-5, well-established career.

Who decides against stability as a parent? “A selfish person like you!” is what I would find myself saying. This language didn’t help me at all and I knew it. So I started using language like, “You are leading them by example.” “You want children who have faith and want the best for themselves. Show them how it’s done!” “You are creating time with them and that’s what they need, your time.” “Show them they are never stuck.” I started to become my own hype person and it worked. Be your own hype woman.

5) Put your focus on the future. Where are you going to go? Who are you going to allow yourself to be? How are you going to serve others by being your best self? Write up a vision for your life in a year. This is an easy, but super helpful, exercise. Write up a grand version of who you’re going to be and watch the heavens deliver.

Above all else be kind to yourself and remember that luck favors the bold!

Naz Rose is the Owner & Head Coach of Believe It Life Coaching. As a spiritual coach, her work centers on creating a safe space where clients can speak openly about their journey of spiritual awakening and transformation. Follow her @believeitcoach and visit www.believeitlifecoaching.comfor more articles like these.