Simple ways to Measure Brand Stregth
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Simple Ways to Measure Brand Strength

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“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” 

Lisa Gansky  

Your brand is what you stand for, and what you mean to people. It’s all about having a voice people trust, a message that resonates, and a purpose that lights you up!

You can measure the strength of a brand in 7 simple ways! When a brand performs well in ALL areas, success happens.

Let’s explore the 7 Simple Ways to Measure Brand Strength
  • CLEAR Your audience understands what you do easily.
  • RELEVANT Your audience understand and appreciate how you can help their situation.
  • DISTINCT Your audience understand how you’re different and the best fit for them.
  • PASSIONATE Your audience understand what you stand for and believe, and can sense your passion for it.
  • CREDIBLE Your audience believes you will deliver the promise.
  • VISIBLE Your audience know you exist.
  • CONSISTENT Your audience can recognize you every time they see you.

The next step is go through the list above and question yourself if each area is clear and working at the moment. Be honest about your answer. After you do this, look what areas need improvement. I think there is always room to grow!

The following questions might help in finding out:

  • CLEAR: Who do you help and how?
  • RELEVANT What problems do you solve for others?
  • DISTINCT What makes you the best option for your dream client.
  • PASSIONATE Why do you do what you do?
  • CREDIBLE Why should someone believe that you can deliver on your promises?
  • VISIBLE What formats do you use to engage your audience?
  • CONSISTENT Are you consistent with your brand image? Do people recognize your business brand?

Want to get better at some of these areas? Growing your brand from an emotional point of view is the best way to connect with your clients and customers, which in the long run will create the Super Fans you want to have.

Download the ACTION GUIDE to help you get clear on each area!

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