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5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

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by Michelle Pacheco | Social media & Business Strategist | Founder Miami Mompreneur

HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT?  Below are 5 ways to grow your Instagram account but let me remind you a very important one: Don’t post and ghost…in order to have engagement, you must also give it.  And give it genuinely to those accounts you really LIKE, content you ENJOY and leave MEANINGFUL COMMENTS to them. 

WHY is this? Amiga because in order to create community and grow your business, you must stay authentic and aligned with your values. 

What results you can expect from this?  Gain relevant followers that really value your content…Build genuine relationships with people in your NICHE…Create trust that will lead to sales….and much more. 


💥 LIKE:  3 posts on 10 accounts you like 

💥 COMMENT: write meaningful comments on one picture of those 10 accounts 

💥 ENGAGE with 10 stories and connect by sending message 

💥 ANSWER all your DM’s 

💥 REPLY to all the comments made in your posts 

TRY this on a daily basis for a week and get back to me with your results. Like this technique…share the newsletter with friend!