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What is Clubhouse and How to Use it for Business

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What is Clubhouse app? Clubhouse is the latest trend in social networks. It is an 100% auditory social network you only need a pair wireless headphones and it’s by invitation only, one of the reasons CLUBHOUSE is popular and exclusive.

It is structured in rooms or “rooms” where different topics are discussed such as politics, technology, economics, and we are already seeing healthy life, entrepreneurship and much more.

When entering the “rooms”, you can participate or remain silent and be a listener. In every room there is a moderator and the personalities that you can find in them range from technology gurus, celebrities such as Jared Letto, Oprah, among others.

Once you are invited and you explore the application, you will see that you have the possibility to join conversations on topics of interest, participate and give your opinion on topics you know and be part of incredible clubs that have conversations on topics related to your professional career.

Image of clubhouse app user @michellepacheco, business & social media strategist
This is how the app looks: Strategic Bio, Friends and Club Activity, Room in which I am participating

Become a Clubhouse PRO: Use strategies to optimize and monetize the use of this app. How? Here I share some tips:
  1. Optimize Your Bio: As with Instagram and other social media platforms, you must use your bio strategically in Clubhouse. This is your resume and you must include your “I help” statement, where people can find you, your links and groups and a little about who you are personally. This will help your audience to connect and humanize your brand.
  2. Share your knowledge: when participating in conversations, always provide value to the audience. This positions you as an authority figure helping people to trust you. A key step that will guide your customer through the Know, & Trust buyer process.
  3. Offer your discounts: When introducing yourself in your room or any other conversation where you see the opportunity make sure to offer the links to your courses, web pages, social networks and products. Cross promoting your business its a great way to get new leads.
  4. Create your own rooms or clubs and collaborate with like-minded people to educate and inform your audience: Here another time you position yourself as a person of trust and authority, and allows you to reach a new audience.
  5. Be strategic when using this app: there is a possibility that without a strategy, you waste a lot of time. Use an alarm or set a specific time for its use.

As of today, the app does NOT allow conversations to be recorded. Once the conversations finish there is no record of the conversation, so make sure you have a pencil and paper to write down the “gold nuggets” or valuable information mentioned in each “room” that you participate.

The developers of Clubhouse are working diligently to have this app in Android.

Are you already in the Clubhouse? Let’s connect! My username is @MichellePacheco

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