5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sucked Into Social Media and Wasting Time
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5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sucked Into Social Media and Wasting Time

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by Michelle Pacheco-Gallo | Social Media & Business Strategist | Founder of Miami Mompreneur

Time management is one of the key challenges for any Mompreneur. It’s a constant struggle, I can say that from experience. We have to manage work, kids, home and our social media presence. But if we are not strategic on how to use this powerful tool for our business, we can waste a lot of time by distracting ourselves with friends and family posts.

If you’re looking for ways to avoid getting sucked into social media and wasting time, try the tips below.

Create a Plan

Find out where your customers and prospects are in Social Media and where your business can add value. What platforms do they constantly use. You have to be super strategic and focus on one / two networks that are the most effective for business growth, instead of wanting to be in all networks and do a mediocre job.

Be Consistent

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself how much time a week you can dedicate to your presence on the networks. If you can only spend half an hour on Instagram and 15 minutes on Facebook, three days a week, then be consistent during that period of time. This is a much better strategy than spending 3 hours one day and then 15 minutes the next.

Create Valuable Content

A main objective of the content is to solve the problems of your ideal client and show how to overcome them; not only will this build brand loyalty, it will keep them coming back for more. As long as the content that is created is really useful, you will have loyalty. Remember that social networks were created for that: Socialize. When creating content the ideal is 80% value and 20% sale.

Use Publishing Tools

Tools like Hootsuite, Later, Planoly, etc. help you to schedule your posts in advance, so you don’t have to think about what you are going to publish last minute.

Set a Time Limit

Use an alarm for this. If your goal is 30 minutes a day, then be strategic with the use of these 30 minutes. Ideally, you should spend 10 minutes of your time interacting with your audience and 20 minutes looking for a new audience through hashtags, or competitors. All marketing activity must have a time limit. It’s easy to get distracted, especially with social media, and start to drift. Get in and out of the platforms according to your plan.

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