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Manifest Like a Pro

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by Naz Rose | Certified Soul Purpose Coach | Creator of the The Soul Refresh Program & Believe It Life Coaching

“​If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.“​

Bob Proctor

It was 1996, 11 years prior to my first encounter with the book ​The Secret​. My mom gave me a little book by Conny Mendez called ​Metafisica 4 en 1​. This tiny book by this Venezuelan author lit my 15 year old heart on fire. After her came ​The Alchemist​, ​The Four Agreements​, ​Conversations with God​, ​Your Soul’s Purpose​, The Secret​, ​The Power of Now​, and my personal favorite, ​Infinite Possibilities​, to name a few. I fell in love with manifesting and I became a pro at it.

Year after year of practicing the tips below have shown me that manifesting the things you want is not only possible, but fundamental for remembering the magic of life. Manifestation is the way the adult plays and continues to be an actively creative child in a world that tries to tell it to grow up.

Using the tips below, I have manifested travel all over the world, big moves across the country, my college degree, money, love, dream jobs, my first home and even healing from health issues. What you don’t see me possessing or experiencing in my life is not there because I haven’t desired it for myself yet. It hasn’t been a priority for me thus far.

Now, one word of caution before I proceed with the 10 tips for manifesting like a pro:

The Universe always knows better than you what needs to happen so that EVERYONE can become the highest expression of themselves.

With that small, but very important disclaimer, let’s jump in. Here are my top 10 tips for manifesting like a pro.

Focus on the feelings, not the things​. The number one mistake people make when trying to use the Law of Attraction is that they focus on the things they want to receive. They focus on the money, the person, the job or the house. Contrary to what is out there about manifestation, the real focus should be on the feelings you want to experience.

Shift the focus from $500,000 to never worrying about my financial health again. Big difference! When you tell the Universe what you want to feel, you open your world up to a million ways in which that feeling can be delivered to you. On the contrary, when you focus on that one figure or person, you are limiting yourself to only one way.

Find a visual that gets you to the feelings FAST​. Visuals are very important and while I’m an advocate of a nice vision board with different goals in mind, manifesting like a pro requires that you find something that brings you to your feelings quickly. Keep ONE image at your desk or in a place you can see everyday.

Become aware of divine communication​. The Universe is always communicating with us and flashing red or green lights as we go along. It uses repeating numbers, sounds, songs, people, billboards, animals and many others ways to keep us motivated and to let us know it has received our messages. Tune in.

Be willing to act and to take risks​. No, I’m sorry, you cannot sit around doing absolutely nothing and just dreaming. Dreaming is important, but manifesting like a pro is about being a co-creator with the Universe. You’re in a partnership. It delivers to you the people, connections, and opportunities, but it needs you to be willing to move and risk so that you are in the right place at the right time for it to deliver. The caterpillar moves from where it is and into a ripe environment for becoming a butterfly and so it is with you.

Cooperate as the Universe cleans house​. You cannot go where you are going exactly as you are and sadly some people can’t come with you. The Universe is a master at cleaning up the people and circumstances around you so that you can become who you need to be in order to get the things you want. You don’t have to do anything, but you do have to get out of the way and not stop the Universe from removing people and situations out of your energetic field.

Believe you are always being set up to win​. This is it. This is where the seniors differ from the freshmen. Master manifestors believe they are always going to win even when they lose. There’s a great lyric in Aerosmith’s song Dream On that says, “you gotta lose to know you’ve won.” I love that lyric because it defines this point here. You always win. Where others see “loss”, those who manifest like pros know there is the Universe transforming you. The Universe knows when you’ve become stagnant and it reads beyond reason what you really want deep in your soul. It comes in and sweeps you up toward your next win.

Believe it​. You could say 100 times a day that you want to lose 50 pounds, but if you don’t believe that you’ll lose them The Universe will not grant that to you. You have to break your manifestations down into ​believable ​goals for you. Remember that you can only receive the things you believe are possible for you.

Exercise your manifestation muscles​. The tip above is a good leeway into this tip. To manifest like a pro, you will have to believe what you’re manifesting.

The best way to do this is to break it down into smaller manifestations and to begin to exercise the energetic power in you to bring those smaller manifestations to life. Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. Start by manifesting seeing more people that have the body you want to have. Manifest seeing more commercials or posts regarding fitness and health. Manifest someone suddenly gifting you cool fitness leggings. Manifest a fitness coach liking a post you put up or sending you a message. Manifest a friend or loved one sending you an encouraging message about weight loss. Manifest seeing the number of pounds you want to lose.

Forgive​. Hate, anger and pain are expansive emotions. They take up so much room in your energetic field. It’s nearly impossible for the Universe to deliver on a big manifestation if these feelings are still in you.

It’s sad, but many times people could receive everything they want, but they stop the Universe from delivering by holding on to the delivery of forgiveness. Release it and watch everything you have been waiting for some to be. ​Practice Ho’oponopono as a start​.

Already BE that person​. In his book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear says that a plane leaving LAX toward JFK will actually land in DC if it turns the nose of the plane a mere 3 degrees to the right at takeoff.

For us to land on the version of us we want to be, we must begin to be that person today. We have to adjust our small habits and take on the habits of our manifested self today.

It is not enough to tell the Universe who you want to be and then be that person. NO! You must be and act as that person today, with their small habits. Going back to the example of losing 50 pounds, what does you with 50 pounds less eat? Where does that person go? What do they do first thing in the morning? Whatever those answers are, you must act on them today.

Those are my 10 tips for Manifesting Like Pro. Remember that ​multiple versions of you already exist in the future and what you do today will determine which of those versions you arrive at.

Want more? I’ll be launching a one-hour video course with additional tips and worksheets that will help anyone looking to manifest like a pro. If you want to receive more information on the course, please email​ with the subject line “Manifest Like a Pro”.

Naz Rose, The Soul Coach, is the Owner of Believe It Life Coaching, LLC. As a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, she helps ambitious women to hit the refresh button on their spirituality. Her program, The Soul Refresh, gives women the chance to talk it out without therapy and to connect to divine energy without religious dogma.

Find out more at Believe it Life Coaching or Follow her @believeitcoach on Instagram for daily spiritual tips.

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