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Top Money Saving Tips

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by Virginia Vich | Financial Coach | VXV CONSULTING

Let’s talk about Money Saving Tips. Do you sometimes wonder where your income goes or why you do not have more in your savings account?  These are two common frustrations I hear regularly from client.

So how do you get yourself organized and on the right track?  Here are a few money saving tips to help you get started.  

Record Your Expenses 

The first step is to make a list of all of your outflows so you can figure out where your money is going each month.  I find it helpful to also organize fixed expenses versus discretionary spending.  

Budget for emergencies, big purchases and unexpected expenses 

Allocate funds every month towards a savings account before paying for your expenses versus putting away whatever is left, if anything, after making payments.  Having savings funds set aside will assist in the unexpected moments when an emergency arises or a big purchase is necessary.   

Prioritize Your Goals 

Whether you are saving to buy a home, planning for a vacation, wanting to eliminate debt or planning for retirement, you should have a plan in place for your goals and they should be considered in your budget.    

Save for Retirement

It is important to start planning as early as you can for retirement. Contributing to tax deferred vehicles is a smart way to potentially lower your tax liabilities while taking advantage of compounding interest.     

Are you finding it challenging to organize your finances or decide how to start this process?  

VXV Consulting can assist you with your finances either by creating a budget that works for you, planning for retirement or any other financial need you may have.  

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Virginia Vich is the Managing Partner at VXV Consulting. With over 18 years of experience, Ms. Vich can help you achieve your financial goals. Contact info: 305.972.1415 | virginia@vxvconsulting.com | vxvconsulting.com

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