6 Tips to Overcome Mental Blocks
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6 Tips to Overcome Mental Blocks

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Eva Benmeleh

Dr. Eva Benmeleh, Clinical Psychologist | Dr. Eva Therapy

This COVID lifestyle has brought up many challenges, including circumnavigating mental blocks that stop creating content. At the beginning of this –  many of us were inspired to give the best to help others deal with crippling future tripping.

Many of us working moms are also raising our children around the clock while they adjusted to online school and no social life. The mundane has taken more space in our minds as we can no longer take the same commodities for granted.

Surges of overwhelming feelings due to the health, political, and societal upheavals can make it more difficult to take care of our family and business with a “go with the flow” attitude. And now, that the country is entering a new phase of adjustment, we find ourselves questioning many decisions we make on the daily. 

It’s no wonder many of us hit a creative wall. The monotony of the days turning to weeks turning to months can boggle us up into a mental fog. And now, it can feel like a race to the finish line to figure out summer plans, social distancing, and business goals. Feeling overwhelmed by the day to day responsibilities of working from home- any creative juice can run dry. The work/life harmony- as our dear Michelle calls it – has become a fragmented dissonance. 

When Michelle asked me to write a piece for this month, we agreed that mental blocks may be a good fit – because as mompreneurs, we have been asked to stretch our strengths to the wire during these critical times and many must be feeling mental fatigue. 

Here are 6 Tips to Overcome Mental Blocks I have applied and recommend when you’re struggling with writer’s block and mental fatigue.
  • As with anything, call it out.  “I am stuck.” 
    1. Try, to not judge yourself for it- your writer’s block, mental block- whatever you want to call it – is not a personal weakness – it is an effect to the cause of the situation we are living. 
    2. Recognizing this as a reaction to what’s going on and not personalizing it helps you find ways to overcome it. 
  • Run through what your day looks like. With every aspect of your life mixed in at home, it can be difficult to set a routine and stick to it. 
    1. Write out how you are spending your time. 
    2. What are some blocks of time that aren’t being used wisely? 
    3. What can you delegate?
  • Self-CPR! I wrote about this before (find article here)- we need to have compassion for ourselves before we can move forward. Prepare for change and reassess the situation. Are these plans realistic?
  • Do something you enjoy. From the yummy coffee with frothed milk to a workout, to a walk by the beach, a moment of silence and meditation- whatever it is, do it! This can recharge you and connect you back to you. 
  • But… scrutinize your indulgences. 
    1. Are they excuses numbing you out keeping you stuck? 
  • Take mental stock of the limiting beliefs you are feeding yourself. 
    1. What negative commentary is running through your mind? 
    2. How can you shift this narrative to empower yourself? 

Again, these are challenging times. Take note of my suggestions above and send me a message if you need help incorporating them into your life. As a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in perfectionism, I help individuals suffering from crippling anxiety and self-doubt on the daily.

Dr. Eva Benmeleh | IG: @drevatherapy | FB: @drevabenmelehtherapy Email: Eva@drevatherapy.com | Phone: (786) 383-4942

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