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Let’s talk about IGTV tips for business. IGTV is the You Tube of Instagram, a reason why we should be taking advantage of this amazing tool to connect with our audience. Make sure to watch my IGTV video on How to Use IGTV to Maximize Business Exposure. It’s the prelude to this article and I give pointers on how to start.


Now that you’ve watch this short video, here are several tips on how to create content that your audience will watch.

  1. Use poll or questions to learn what your audience want to see on IGTV or read on your Instagram feed.
  2. Share an educational/how-to video
  3. News about a product or service
  4. BTS footage that’s longer than stories
  5. An interview (if you don’t want to do it LIVE together)
  6. An amazing LIVE you did that was packed with value, save & upload to your channel
  7. Q&A
  8. A mini series
  9. Product spotlight/Product in action
  10. Business milestones
  11. Meet the team/introduce yourself
  12. A tour of your store or business
  13. Day in the life
  14. Explain the timeline/process of one of your services
  15. Recap a blog post. If you have great blog content, why not share it with more people that prefer listening/watching compared to reading?

Now that you have ideas for content, let’s talk about how to edit your video. Two tools I love for editing are: iMovie (my fave) and InShot App. You don’t need to be skillful and you can edit in less than an hour.

Format: this is important because you want to capture your audience attention and have them stay watching the rest of your video. I was a TV/Film producer for many years and this is a format we use at times:

Teaser – Title Screen – Cliff Hanger / Content – Call to Action

  1. Teaser should be first 3 seconds: the first 3 seconds you should tell your audience what your video is about.
  2. Title: your graphic title should be consistent. You can do this either on iMovie or use Canva to prepare a graphic.
  3. 60 Second Mark: At this point you should have a cliff hanger, you should give the audience a verbiage that make them want to click that “keep watching” button.
  4. Call to Action: at the end of the video you should direct your audience to: click the link, visit your website, download the freebie, take advantage of the discount or whatever it is you need them to do.

Now that you have prepared your video, you need write the Title and Description. Make sure the first 3 words of the title captures the audience attention.

Promote your video like it’s a movie and do it through all Instagram surfaces: Live, Feed, Stories and IGTV.

Stories: you can show a clip of the video that is coming up on IGTV and use the countdown sticker to drive notification to the audience. This way when the video drops your audience is there to watch it.

Preview the video in feed the day of (if it makes sense with the aesthetic aspect of your feed)

After the video is published, encourage sharing to stories or using the paper plane to share to friends.

Go Live or prepare a normal story after the video is publishedto promote it and engage viewers.

I hope these tips help you in engaging your audience on IGTV. Remember Miami Mompreneur IGTV Series: Branding and Marketing Tuesdays is published every Tuesday morning to give you strategies for your business success and on Thursdays we have InstaLive Thursdays, featuring a Miami Mompreneur talking about her business, how she started, success stories and much more.

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Let’s Grow Your Business,

Michelle @MiamiMompreneur

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