Self CPR During Covid-19
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Eva Benmeleh
Dr. Eva Benmeleh
Clinical Psycologist

These times are a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute is agonizing anxiety and the next minute, you’re laughing at TikTok videos of dogs. Stress levels are quite high as we figure out how to live in this new normal. This is why today we are discussing how to Self CPR during Covd-19.

The level of sadness and anxiety is palpable. This is a collective and pervasive issue in our society. The problems we had before quarantine are magnified now. If you had issues with your spouse or kids, spending 24/7 will highlight all the problems that were mitigated when everyone left for work or school.  Relationship issues like setting boundaries take on a new meaning when you are accessible all day.

As parents, we must do our best to insulate our children from this collective worry, while we check in with our feelings and organize a functional routine. This new normal has pulled the rug from underneath us. The external things we relied on to feel good about ourselves has been removed from our life.

Crises create space for change and growth, if we allow it. We have a choice. To crumble and collapse in the face of fear, or to find our inner strength to build us up and adapt to a new life. We choose. We have the power in choice. The following is a guide to managing your anxiety during these uncertain times or as I call it Self CPR during Covid-19

  • Before your inner critic takes ownership of your mind, recognize that this is a hard moment for everyone. We can be so hard on ourselves with super high expectations of how we are supposed to deal. We think that the adjustment necessary to get through these hard times are meant for others, not us, because we are used to being in control. We are not used to asking for help, because we are the ones who support others. Be kind with yourself. We all need support through this crisis. Caring for yourself sets the stage to be prepared for what comes next. 
  • We must be in the know. However, too much information can lead to overload and overwhelm, which leads to feeling scared and powerless. Being prepared means knowing what’s going on, what may change, while knowing that changes can occur again. This is how you harness your inner power. Knowing that our sense of security lies within us and not in what we relied on outside of us. If there’s something that covid-19 is teaching us, it’s that life is unpredictable. We need to have routines and schedules, but with the caveat that these routines can change or stop existing altogether. This is where then we need to take stock and reflect on our choices.
  • The final step. Reflect on your feelings. Reflect on your decisions. Are you acting out of fear or logic?  Are you constantly thinking about the future or living in the present moment? By being in the moment you will begin to harness the softness of compassion and tenacity of awareness.

Sending much love to everyone during these hard times. Sending support to all our community’s front liners who are dedicating and sacrificing their lives for the rest of us. We are interconnected and together, we will prevail.

If you find that is difficult to trust your thoughts because you are anxious more times than not, it is wise to consult with a mental health professional who can help you. I am available via virtual sessions and Telemedicine appointments.

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